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Medicine Hat Dentists is dedicated to providing personalized dental services that help patients cultivate healthy smiles. We strive to deliver compassionate care, coupled with the latest technology. 

Dental implants are becoming popular for patients who lose one or more teeth. They are more secure than traditional dentures. Apart from safety, dental implants enhance the functionality and appearance of one’s teeth. Medicine Hat Dentists exerts effort to deliver long-lasting results and cultivate a foundation of oral health. 

Medicine Hat Dental Implants

All-On-4 Dental Implants  

A full set of sturdy and permanent teeth? All-on-4 dental implants are an excellent solution. These innovative restoration treatments guarantee superior performance with the use of advanced technology. There’s no special and intensive cleaning required. Regular flossing and brushing can play a significant role. Our implant-supported dentures level up stability and confidence. It’s easy to chew food and chat with friends. 

Our All-On-4 improves the quality of life and reduces costs within a short treatment time. 

Single Dental Implants 

Don’t be stressed with a missing tooth. Let the certified dentists at Medicine Hat Dentists reduce your worries with a modern and safe dental implant. In the past years, our specialists have handled innumerable single dental implants while customizing the services. We replace a lost tooth, including its root. Our technology enables us to create an individualized solution. Our single dental implant won’t sacrifice the health of the other teeth and preserve bone structure, too. The durability is a bonus point, and the restoration has a longer lifespan. They do not decay and remain spot-free over time. The artificial tooth is packed with a special and quality component. The healing only lasts for a few months. But follow the doctor’s prescription to avoid side effects. When there’s an infection, injury, sinus problem, or never damage at the affected spot, our dentists won’t leave patients behind. Implant Dentistry Medicine Hat 

Dental Implant Bridge 

If multiple teeth are missing, we encourage our patients to get a dental implant bridge as it maintains function, restores beauty, and preserves the jaw bone. We utilize tooth-like porcelain restorations for replacing missing teeth, maintaining the shape of your smile, and preventing serious dental implications.  Our dental implant bridge is attached for a worry-free and permanent solution. Patients enjoy the treatment as it can withstand the test of time. You’d use it for years while maintaining the structure of the other teeth. Our dental implant bridge functions like natural teeth as we utilize special and quality materials. It’s common for dentures may crack after chewing and biting. However, this new general dental treatment is far different since it is impact-resistant and does not require extensive maintenance. 

Dental Implants In Medicine HatDenture Stabilization 

For some patients, regular dentures are not the ideal option to replace multiple teeth. They tend to slip over time. In different circumstances, people stopped wearing their dentures when the comfort level declined. Medicine Hat Dentists provides denture stabilization to address this issue. 

We simply put small dental implants into the jaw or thru the gums. Then, we modify the artificial teeth to fit into the implants. 

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